The unique value Lil Rhino headrest covers brings is advertisement that is at "eye level" for most people. Think about it... How many times have you (on purpose or accidentally) peered into a neighbors car, truck, or SUV when all you were doing was getting out of your own or merely walking to and from somewhere? Where were you when this happened? At the mall, convenience store, parking garage, any other parking facility for work or an event?

The fact is that it could have been anywhere at anytime for any reason!

You can see the headrest covers from a distance. They are used to advertise to the world your business, your passion, your school, club, or favorite affiliation. The advantage is that people notice things that are different. We at Lil Rhino can embroider or screen print different shapes, sizes, logos and phrases.

Just think of your next program, let us help you put together something that's special for all seasons and all reasons.


A great to place to advertise your business! It's a low cost incremental and unique way to advertise. With advertising media having such a high price, you'll get maximum visibility with headrest covers.

Many small business owners use the back side of their vehicles to advertise. A headrest cover is visible from the front and sides of a car, truck, or SUV.

Use a message like "Ask me about Pre-paid Legal Services" or "Sell your home in a hurry."

Mun-Stuar Auto Accessories

Pleasanton, TX

Harley Owners Group (HOG)

Hartford, CT

Show your pride from inside the ride!

You will be the coolest kid in town or a proud parent displaying your affiliation with your local High School.

You may have bumper stickers, but that's "old school" because it's in the back of your ride. Headrest covers can be seen from the side and front of your car, truck, or SUV.

Pearland High School

Pearland, TX

Rampart High School

Colorado Springs, CO

You don't have to be a a graduate of Adams State College or a UT fan to enjoy the long lasting signage of your favorite team or group! Lil Rhino is dedicated to helping you show the world who you are or love to be associated with.

Whether you are alumni, a current student, prospect, or the "ULTIMATE FAN," you'll be able to your support for your favorite college or college team!

Adams State College

Alamosa, CO

The University of Texas

Austin, TX


Let Lil Rhino help you show off ...

The headrest and center console of your car, truck, or SUV is the perfect place to show off your colors and logo because it is at "eye level" and can be seen from almost anywhere.

It may be your business. It may be your high school, or college. It may even be a club or special interest group.

Whatever it is, we can help you show it off!!

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