By subtly advertising inside of a car, truck, or SUV, your dealership will bridge a gap between the sale and lasting relationships of continued service and monthly maintenance. We understand that the "real" money in vehicle sales is not in the hard goods (the car, truck, or SUV). It's like many businesses where lasting relationships can make the difference in success. We also understand that lasting relationships can mean many things - beginning with trust. When there is trust, cost becomes a smaller issue.

Accessories and (ESPECIALLY) Services are where dealerships become more profitable. The comparable cost of both for much smaller than one single purchase for a new car, truck, or SUV. It becomes increasingly important to have repeat business and longer term relationships with our customers. Simple math tells us that financing is no longer nearly as profitable as it once was. $1 Million x 0% stills comes out the same as $25,000 x 0%. In financing, it's still equals $0.00!

Auto dealers now have a better way to bridge the gap...

Service Department

ADVERTISE - With Lil Rhino covers, your auto dealership will open up a whole new way of advertising "INSIDE THE RIDE."

You have advertising on signs. You have advertising stickers. You send literature in the mail. You give discounts. ANYTHING FOR REPEAT BUSINESS!

Another way to use a Lil Rhino cover is to customize it yourself as an advertisement tool to be used inside a demo vehicle. People will remember your dealership because of this conversation piece. If you don't sign a contract on a particular day, your customer will remember you when it comes time to make a decision on a new car, truck, or SUV. Your advertisement "reminded them to come back." Since the center console is the most visible place from the front or rear in any vehicle, you can use it to your advantage as an inexpensive incremental source of advertisement.

Lastly, GIVE IT AWAY with the sale of a new purchase. This particular cover will be low key and less obvious to the eye. I recommend black embroidered lettering on a black surface or brown on brown or green on green, etc. The customer will less likely remove it because it's a painful reminder that they spend money every month with your company already. Conversely, it makes a good reminder to come back for service. It is in your best interest for the customer to have YOUR reminder STICKER at the top left of any given windshield and not a competitor's. With a "lil" subtle advertisement, you'll place even more reminder stickers on windshields and continue important relationships with your valued customers.

In the end, you will have achieved higher profits from customers who continue or (more importantly) begin to come to YOUR service department for oil changes, mileage check-ups, and out of warrantee replacements.

ACCESSORIES - Customers can personalize their new car, truck, or SUV

These covers are also just what the doctor ordered in the way of creating a new stream of revenue by selling them as a protective, classy, and custom fitted accessory. Remember, people like choices. We have many colors and prints to choose from, so you will be able to provide your customer an extension their own creativity as well as give them the ability to personalize their ride.

Customers will feel better because of the choices you give them to add their personality into the purchase!

Talk to us, we can customize orders for your dealership!!

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