What the heck is a Lil Rhino?

A “Lil Rhino” is a little boy or girl.

A Lil Rhino Cover is the answer to dirty car and truck consoles.  It’s the easiest way to keep your center console armrest clean in addition to personalizing your vehicle.

 Why a Lil Rhino Cover?

It’s really very simple… protection AND looks!  The Lil Rhino cover can be customized for your special interest by ordering it embroidered with your name or phrase of your choice or both.

What else can you do with a Lil Rhino Cover?

Fundraising.  Your team, school, club, church, or other special interest group can have any emblem or phrase embroidered to display your favorite pastime or passion. What better way is there to show off your favorite subject, special interest, or passion?

With a Lil Rhino cover, you can accomplish a couple of things…  starting with keeping the center console armrest clean.  We also make a version that has two convenient pockets.  The bottom is 4” x 6”.  It can store items like important phone numbers or a note pad.  The clear top pocket is 3” x 5”.  It’s can easily hold things like pictures or business cards.  Both pockets provide easy accessibility.  Since this cover is made of Lycra (Spandex), just wash it like you would a swim suit - because it's basically a bikini for your center console.

 It’s fully adjustable!  All you do is pull the drawstring to cinch it up for easy installation on your console.

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