Fundraiser Choices...

With so many choices of ways to raise money, it's important to stand out. Lil Rhino customized console covers will be a big hit with people who like to show affiliation with a school or program.

Think of how many people would display their school colors! When game day comes around, you'll be able to show your spirit with a custom Lil Rhino cover suited up with school colors and team logo. It could be that your organization wants to sell them with nothing but solid colors or prints. Whatever your audience is looking for, you'll be able to accomodate.

We also custom fit covers for headrests!!

Both center console covers AND headrest covers are one of the most vibrant ways to sport your school or organizations colors.

Organizations can raise money…!

As many “special interests” there are, your organization can build revenue by selling Lil Rhino covers to raise money for whatever is needed.
• Athletic Teams
• Bands
• Schools
• Youth Groups
• Cheerleading
• Math Club
• Little League Baseball, Football, Soccer, etc.
• Commemorate Events (i.e. Golf Tournaments)

What the heck is a Lil Rhino?

A “Lil Rhino” is a little boy or girl.

A Lil Rhino Cover is the answer to dirty car and truck consoles.  It’s the easiest way to keep your console clean and personalized your vehicle.

 Why a Lil Rhino Cover?

It’s really very simple… protection and looks!  The Lil Rhino cover can be customized for your special interest by ordering it embroidered with your name or phrase of your choice or both.


Receive volume (wholesale) discounts for your fund raising event!

Plan ahead and (most of all) HAVE FUN!!

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