People have adapted to the concept of showing their passion from the inside of their rides! It's a new and different way to show your support for your favorite idea, team, or business. Headrest covers have become a new media space to advertise. It's unique AND it's at "eye level." They are very easy to see from the outside.

We make them in all kinds of shapes and sizes. You can purchase one that's pre-designed or add to it however you like. If you have a favorite team player's number, name, or phrase, we can add it onto the cover!

...Or perhaps you have a business that you would like to display on yours. Headrest covers are a new and valid media to advertise on because they are at eye level while walking or driving.

Really, the limit of the sky is only as far as the imagination can reach...

Lil Rhino headrest covers come in sets of 2 with a base cost starting from $35 for Lycra (Spandex - left)) and $30 for Team Colored Mesh with a Lycra back (below).

You can personalize them by adding your favorite team member's number, a special message, or even a phrase! The front of this particular set of covers (below) is double layer of "Team Color" pro mesh. ...the same stuff they wear on the field. The backside is Lycra and can be considered your creative license to customize.

They are built to last because they are well constructed and can be washed the same as a swim suit!


I'm sure that you can tell which Team Lil Rhino enjoys supporting...

That's just us. Who is your team, function, or business? We can make you a pair of headrest covers and, in most cases, a matching center console cover to go with it!

Be the ULTIMATE fan and show your love or passion for your team, club, or business today!

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For more information and custom pricing e-mail: