Brief History:

I started making the console armrest covers because, between my 3 year old son ("Lil Rhino") and me, the portion of the center console that I "rest" my arm on became dirty.  Under normal circumstances, I didn't give it a second thought to just get in my truck and go after a softball game or a round of golf.

"Lil Rhino" sits in the back center on his car seat.  When we stop, he likes to get out of the same door as Daddy.  This required a need to step on the center console (since then, I have curbed his desire to do so, however, it gave me a great idea)! 

The Little Rhino's...

At first, I just thought, "well that's just how it's going to be."  I'll need to get a chemical cleaner for it."  In the past, I had tried a few chemicals that did not agree with my armrest leaving it look somewhat "splotchy" or at least not like it was when it came from the factory. 

As I wrap up the patent process, I will keep you updated on the information about the many changes that will take place. In the meantime, see how it looks in my truck. You'll swear that it's factory original because it fits like a Spandex glove over my armrest. It looks cool. It's practical and very easy to install. If you live an active lifestyle and/or have children, the LRC will provide the protection you need and the looks you require. 

Take a look at samples...

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