If you see me in my ride around town, STOP ME!  I'll give you a cover to fit your ride.  If I don't have one on me, I'll make and send it to you FREE of charge!!!

About Lil Rhino:

Lil Rhino is a cloth accessories company dedicated to developing better accessory solutions for owners of cars, trucks, and SUV's who can't get what they need from existing accessory retailers. We are dedicated to consumer automotive after-markets as they are where these products are best used.

Our mission is to satisfy customers one at a time. Our intentions are to make enough profit to generate a fair return for our investors and to finance continued growth and development in quality products. We also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work. A big part of our success is hinged upon the good relationships we maintain with our customers.

We are a privately held Corpoation founded by William Rinhart owned equally by his wife Catherine.

The keys to success in this business are:

Marketing: We will use The Internet (via www.lilrhino.com), local organizations (Schools, Chambers of Commerce, etc.), fundraising programs and catalogs, promotional catalog companies, as well as large and small chains of stores. Initially, our budget will be limited to the Internet, current local contacts, and old-fashioned door knocking promotion efforts. By calling on prospective buyers for companies, Lil Rhino will seek to put its product on every store’s shelves.

Product Quality: Lil Rhino prides itself on offering a top quality product at a fair market price. It is both practical and functional. We only use top quality fabrics from top quality manufacturers.

Management: Products delivered on time, costs controlled, marketing budgets managed.

Partnerships: By promoting partnerships, Lil Rhino can position itself with vendors who compliment our services. Those partners include local, statewide, and national promotional catalog companies, local, statewide, and national fundraising organizations, sewing and embroidery outfitters.

...and mostly, great customer service.

For more information and custom pricing e-mail: