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Center Console Covers:

We at Lil Rhino can assist you in customizing the armrest cover of your center console with a cover that's just right for you, your ride, and/or your organization. One of the unique things about these covers is that your armrest becomes a place where you can add something that wasn't "just an option" when you spent your hard earned money on your ride.

We have the creative flexibility of using your armrest as a "canvas to draw on." Never before has anyone had such an opportunity to truly personalize their car, truck, or SUV for such a low cost. With Lil Rhino covers, you can display your passion for sports, social clubs, politics, companies, animals, etc. You have a choice of various colors and embroidered patterns to chose from. You have the option of providing us with a graphic that we can "digitize" for embroidery and place on your armrest cover.

Headrest Covers:

You can easily take it a step further by creating a set headrest covers for you, your business, school, or organization. Because they are made of two panels (front and back), you can combine colors and/or images. For instance, you may want to put an "American Flag" themed Lycra on the back side, while in the front use a solid color like black. From there you can have almost anything embroidered. Maybe it's a phrase such as "we support our troops." You may want to add a yellow ribbon to it as well. It's really up to you.

If you are a hunter, perhaps you may want to have us make covers out of a camouflage front and a Lycra back. let your mind wonder a little to find out what suits you the best.

Give us the chance to put our heads together and we'll take your idea and put it together. The sky is only as far as the "minds eye" can see. That is the limit of possibilities!

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